Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Eastside Community Garden / Pea Patch

The Eastside of Tacoma has a new Community Garden / Pea Patch that will be planting this Spring. The Puyallup Tribe has given approval and is helping to create a large garden on their property located at 32nd and Portland Avenue. This will be a joint effort with the Neighbors on the Eastside and the Puyallup Tribe.

We need to get started soon. If you know of anyone wanting to garden on the Eastside, we need let them know so they can get involved. Also, we're looking for planning committee members and a garden leader.

The property is listed on as 0.30 acre with another section on Portland Avenue listed as 0.10 acre. The official addressese are: 1610 East 32nd and 3205 East Portland Avenue.

The garden space will be approximately 100' x 150'
There's also plenty of room for flowers and some fruit trees.

The Puyallup Tribe will be hooking up the water and paying for it. Plus we have a group of AmeriCorps volunteers to help with some of the initial clean-up. We need community members and gardeners to get involved right away.

We also, need to come up with a name for the garden, if you have any ideas please send them. Any ideas or interest would be appreciated.

Send email to and let him know about your interest. It's time to get started so don't delay.

Additional information will be provided at the April meeting of First Creek Neighbors at 6:30, Wednesday, April 7th, at the Portland Avenue Community Center, located at Portland Avenue Playfield.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Neighborhood Improvement and
Environmental Clean-up Day

Mark your calendars for April 24th. Our neighborhood and others on the Eastside of Tacoma are planning a major effort to clean-up our streets and open space areas to make our communities better.

Help us clean up your neighborhood!
What’s this clean up all about?
The City of Tacoma, The Puyallup Tribe and several neighborhood groups in your area are joining forces to clean up our community because clean neighborhoods are safer neighborhoods.

April 24, 2010 – 1 day only! 10 AM to 2 PM
Where you can bring your junk:
• Parking lot behind the Tribal Administration Building (behind 3009 Portland Avenue)

Who Can Participate?
Those who live in a single family home or duplex between I-5 and 38th Street between Thompson Avenue and the east City limits (bring a driver’s license or utility bill to show for proof of residence) and members of the Native American community of the Puyallup Reservation (please bring your Tribal ID).

Volunteers may be available to help you unload your items, but please be aware that you offload at your own risk. A flyer with additional information will most likely be delivered to your doorstep or you can read more about it in forthcoming issues of the Puyallup Tribal News and or Tacoma Weekly.


Anyone interested in helping to make the lower portion of First Creek better, please join us on April 24th. We'll be meeting at First Creek and Fairbanks at 10:00 am and working until 1:00. The focus will be on removing non-native and invasive plants (mostly Ivy) in several key areas of the creek near Fairbanks. We'll also be doing some light clean-up. A variety of tasks will be available from easy to moderate so everyone can participate. Work boots required, dress for the weather, and if you have tools for removing Ivy please bring them. Some tools and gloves will be available if needed. Please join us in making First Creek, the environment and the community better, contact Dan Fear at 253 304-2808 or email him at if you can participate.

This event might be changed to another day. If it is and you want to remove Ivy, please attend the Clean-up event at McKinley Park, overlooking the Tacoma Dome. More on this later. Be sure to contact Dan Fear at 253 304-2808 if you are interested.


The Environmental Science Club at First Creek Middle School and UWT, along with the Pierce County Stream Team will be planting 275 Native Plants behind the new middle school on the same day (April 24th). From 9-10 am there will educational information on display in the lunch room of First Creek Middle School, so you can learn more about the creek and your environment. If you want to help plant plants, you should plan on joining them. They will also be removing some Ivy from trees around the school.


Please plan on joining one of the efforts to make our neighborhood and the environment around First Creek better. More information and additional contact numbers will be added soon.