Saturday, February 6, 2010

February Meeting Annoucement
First Creek Neighbors


Attend the monthly meeting of
First Creek Neighbors
and help shape the future of our community!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010
6:30pm - 8:00pm
Portland Avenue Community Center
3513 Portland Avenue

The ideas and energy of both adults and youth are needed to create and achieve our vision for our community. Youth we look forward to seeing you and your parents at the meetings of First Creek Neighbors.

For more information call Edwina at 474-7083


Neighborhood Accomplishments So Far:

• Our first Christmas float
• Our first candidates’ forum
• Our first picnic in the Creek
• New Middle School Named for First Creek
• Cleaned up a Meth Lab
• Closed 16 Drug Houses
• Closed Marijuana Growing Operation
• Hauled 201 Tons of Junk
• Lights Restored in Portland Avenue Park
• Illegal Encampments Closed
• Organized an Active Neighborhood Patrol
• Cleaned up Numerous Problem Houses
• Our Own Blog –
• Resolution passed by Tacoma City Council in support of City/Puyallup Tribe/community collaboration to create a stewardship plan for First Creek

Update from our January 6, 2010 meeting

At our January meeting we began to develop a vision for our community. We brainstormed answers to 4 questions. The questions and our responses are included with our February flyer. At our February meeting we will add to and refine the work from January. Students from First Creek Middle School have been brainstorming answers to these questions. Their responses will be added. We hope to have youth in attendance at our February meeting. We hope that you will hold meetings in your homes and have your neighbors answer these questions so that we can add additional ideas. After our vision is complete, we will identify resources and activities to achieve our vision. It is encouraging that January’s notes identify activities that we can accomplish with resources readily available in our community. We look forward to seeing you at our February meeting. Please read the notes from January prior to the meeting.


First Creek Neighbors Visioning Meeting
January 6, 2010

1. How can we build relationships in our community? Who is missing?

• Potlucks
• More follow-ups after meetings
• Sending out Thank You’s
• Promote our work w/other groups
• Drawings and prizes
• Cultural events and clean-ups
• Different groups to host meetings, events, etc…
• Market our group in news (media)
• Continue to invite city officials
• Invite athletes
• Fundraisers
• Send our info to groups who distribute newsletters
• Personal invites
• First Creek Neighbors day at the ball park
• Yard of the month
• Movie in the park
• Community Geo-tracking

2. How can we include kids?

• Reach out to middle & high schools, universities
• Court system (youth who offend and need to do community service)
• Incentives for youth
• Give kids opportunity to build and take ownership
• Have kids come and teach us
• Partnership w/newspaper and highlight things that the kids are doing
• Outreach to parents to help kids get involved
• Scholarships
• Joining PTA
• Reaching out to churches
• Forming a youth board

3. What do we want our community to look like?

• Litter free, nice yards, better lighting
• Green Eastside
• Safe and welcoming
• Play areas, walking areas, picnic areas
• Trees
• Better gateway off freeway, beauty, better sidewalks, roads, hiking trails
• Sense of identity
• Economic development, business district
• Proud community, walker friendly
• Landscaping
• Community center w/more activities
• We want our community to look like the North End

4. What more can be done?

• Begin grant writing
• Invite small businesses, churches, local organizations
• Logo (First Creek)
• 501c3
• More quality neighbors
• Solid mailing list (active list)
• Contact Bill Gates Foundation
• Visible reader board at Portland Ave Park and off the freeway
• Welcome door hangers
• Reach out to our neighbor, neighborhood councils

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