Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Swan Creek Library to Close
How you Can Help

The Tacoma Public Library Board voted to close the Swan Creek Library, located on Portland Avenue near Salishan. They (the board) feels that since we have Mottet Library located near McKinley Avenue and Division that we have enough.

Here's a link to the full article in the TNT:

What do you think? How can we prevent public resource on the Eastside from being cut? Do you want to help? Can you Help? Do you have a library card? Just some thoughts to think about, because budgets are going through a tough times and services are getting cut.

Your voice does count. Be involved in your community and get your neighbors and friends involved too. You can send emails and or call board members and city council members to let them know your thoughts. You can send letters to the editors of the Tacoma News Tribune or other papers. You can speak up and attend community and city meetings.

Have you called recently about the POTHOLES on your street or in your neighborhood? Call them in: Street repair and Potholes, 591-5495 and have your neighbors call too.

If you want a safer neighborhood, you can add an alley light for less than $15.00
a month. You might also ask your neighbors to chip in, they probably will because it will be better for everyone around you. Call Alley Lighting at 502-8618 for additional information.

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