Friday, October 23, 2009

First Creek Neighbors - November Meeting Notice

Find out how you can be part of the great things happening in our community!

Attend the monthly meeting of
First Creek Neighbors

Wednesday November 4, 2009
6:30pm - 8:30pm
Portland Avenue Community Center
3513 Portland Avenue

Good News: Our September Clean-up was a great success. Our 92 participants got rid of 46 tons of junk and 333 tires. We had over 30 volunteers that helped with the event. Thank you to all participants and our sponsors, the City and the Puyallup Tribe.

Link to article in The Tacoma Weekly about the Clean-up:

We look forward to seeing you at our November meeting.
For more information call Edwina at 474-7083

More good news.

Priorities for First Creek Neighbors in 2009:
* Reduce gang activity
* Clean-up the community and Creek
* Stop illegal dumping
* Suppress fireworks
* Make opportunities for community social gatherings
* Fill pot holes

Things All of Us Can Do to Have a Cleaner and Safer Community.
* Speak to your neighbors. Learn their names and their children’s names.
* Pick up trash from in front of your house even if you did not put it there. Also pick up trash in your neighborhood.
* Use your 2 free yearly call-2-hauls to get rid of household junk. To arrange for a pick-up call-573-2468 (Only available for residents of single family or duplex houses)
* Leave your porch light on all night

Neighborhood Accomplishments So Far:
* Cleaned up a Meth Lab
* Closed 16 Drug Houses
* Closed Marijuana Growing Operation
* Hauled 201 Tons of Junk
* Lights Restored in Portland Avenue Park
* Illegal Encampments Closed
* Organized an Active Neighborhood Patrol
* Cleaned up Numerous Problem Houses
* Our Own Blog –

Resolution passed by Tacoma City Council in support of City/Puyallup Tribe/community collaboration to create a stewardship plan for First Creek. The creek and open space area around it is becoming a community asset and the fall is a good time to visit and see the lovely colors.

Over 50 people attended our candidates forum in October.
Don't forget to Vote before November 3rd

Scheduled Events
Citizen’s Patrol-Ongoing
Winter Ivy Removal from trees in the First Creek Open Space. Email Dan Fear at if you're interested in volunteering.

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