Saturday, October 17, 2009

Safety Tips from First Creek Neighbors

Hello Everyone,
Just a few tips for your information and Safety:

1. It has been reported to us that the Dometop area has had several robberies or door kick-ins. Jeanie Peterson (Hilltop Action Coalition) can tell you how to easily make your doors kick-proof if you need that information. Alarms will help and keeping doors locked even when home.

2. Keeping our porch lights on all night deter criminal activity. It only costs about $5 per year to keep that light on.

3. If you see a crime in progress call 911 and Tribal Police 680-5656.

4. If you see something suspicious call non-emergency 798-4721. If you are not sure which to call 911 and they will sort it out by priority. FYI non-emergency and 911 calls are routed to the same call center. If you’ve never attended on of the Neighborhood Patrol Academies it is a great way to gain insight and understanding into how police calls are dispatched and followed-up on.

5. Unsightly yards let criminals know that we don’t care about the neighborhood and so they feel invited to move in or rob us so, please, if you see yards or alleys piled with junk or with overgrown grass or blackberries, trash strewn about, junk vehicles, or graffiti call Tacoma Cares 591-5001.

6) Rain Tips from the City of Tacoma:
a) Keep storm drains clear of leaves and debris by using a broom or rake. Drains near street corners and low areas of streets and parking lots usually need special attention. Remember to be safe; do not wade into flooded areas.

b) Dispose of fallen leaves and other yard debris properly. City of Tacoma single-family residents can place leaves and yard debris in their brown yard waste container, compost them in their garden or take them to the Tacoma Landfill. Please do not blow leaves into the street.

c) Direct downspouts at least 10 feet away from your home or business, and make sure your gutters are clear of any debris.

d) Use landscape barriers, such as rocks (or sandbags), to prevent bark, dirt and other landscape materials from washing into the streets and clogging drains.

e) If you’re in an area where flooding is known to occur, keep sandbags on hand and put valuables in a safe place.

6. Lastly, for now, please get to know your neighbors and their children. Know who belongs in the neighborhood and who does not. Don’t allow anyone to talk their way into your home unless you call to check them out first. Keep your eyes and ears open for anything suspicious and report it even if you are not sure if you should or not. Let the professionals determine the nature of the incident.

Be safe and be happy.

Thank you,

Lena Thompson
First Creek Neighbors

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