Thursday, October 2, 2008

Community Based Service's / Metting Notice

Eastside what do you need done on your block?

This meeting is very important for you and your neighbors.
The Community Based Service's Group is getting together with only our neighbors to ask us what improvements are needed on our streets. We are now the new CBS area. (Community Based Services)

The city has put together this group of city workers to get rid of the ugliness.
Areas covered are: Follow West I-5 around to I-5 South to Portland Ave. up to 38th St.

What concerns do you have? They can now be taken care of . Potholes, overgrown vegetation, too many cars in a yard, need more street lighting, how about a new play area for kids, garbage cans on corners so the garbage is contained? Neighbor gang or drug problems?

Tell as many neighbors as you can. I can not stress this enough. You must be at this meeting to get your problems on the list or someone else will get their streets cleaned up first. If you have not been involved in your community before now, this is the time to do it.

Let's work together to clean up our neighborhoods. You hear about all the other neighborhoods and their success stories, let's create our own. How would it feel to be able to walk the streets without fear and look around and say 'We did this, It is now a safer, cleaner neighborhood'. It takes all of us.

Look around your neighborhood, make your list and bring it with you to: Lincoln High School on the 22nd of Sept. 7 PM.

Print out the attached postcard and hand it out. Let's do this together. The resources are here. Don't sit back and think someone else will get the job done. It doesn't work like that. We can do this together.

* A reminder: Dometop Alliance meeting: Sat. the 20th of Sept. 3:30 at the Mottett Library. (behind Sector 4)

Speakers: Delores Beason ( The new Portland Ave Middle School Principal) and Officer Don Williams (Gangs in our area, what to look for and the latest Sector 4 Statistics on what crime is happening in our area.

Together we can accomplish 1 task, then 2 ......

Submitted September 17, 2008 by Lynnette Scheidt for the Dometop Alliance.

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