Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Safe Streets / Community Resource

What does Safe Streets do?

The Safe Streets Campaign connects you with necessary community resources to tackle your community’s challenges. When you form a Safe Streets block group, you will become a part of a larger network that works, solves and prevents community problems together. As a part of Safe Streets, you’ll learn how to entice your neighbors to help and get out into the community. Together, we’ll create active and involved neighborhoods.

They have a very good website with information about getting involved, youth action, resources, and news and events. Be sure to look at the "Tips and Advice" section located under resources. In that area, you will find the following:

When to Call 9-1-1
How calls receive priority
Join a Community Group
Neighborhood Councils and Associations
Blighted/Abandoned Properties
Abandoned and Junk vehicles
Vehicle Prowls
Mail and Identity Theft

To learn more about this important community resource please visit the Safe Streets website:

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