Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Tacoma CARES

What is Tacoma CARES?

The power of partnership. . .YOU and Tacoma CARES
A cleaner neighborhood is a safer neighborhood—that's the spirit behind Tacoma CARES (Cleanup And Revitalization EffortS.) Since 1995 Tacoma CARES has worked with people like you to strengthen and preserve the livability of the City of Tacoma. What does Tacoma CARES do for you?

Community Activities
Cleanup and beautification projects
Whether it's cleaning up litter from a gulch or helping to arrange a beautification project, Tacoma CARES can help you. Solid Waste Management's "Blight Mobile" can help you dispose of litter and debris on streets, alleys and other public right-of-ways.

Code enforcement
The Tacoma CARES program enforces the following:

Nuisances (primarily litter and debris)
Junk vehicles on private property
Minimum Building and Structures Code (dealing with the condition or existing buildings)
Overgrown vegetation on private property
Abandoned Autos

To report any violations please call 591-5001. To report graffiti please call our 24-hour graffiti message line at 591-5691.

To read more about Tacoma CARES and how they can help you, visit their website:

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