Thursday, October 2, 2008

September 2008 / Meeting Notes

Hello Everyone,

We had an awesome group of people last night, didn’t we? Thanks to everyone’s hard work! Special thanks to Annette & Jennifer who filled in at the last minute and did an awesome job explaining the importance of the phone tree and the block watch. It was really great that they stressed that these numbers will not be shared outside this group.

I’ve been asked to update the phone tree since many of you have been out talking to so many neighbors. I suppose we should get together and share notes on the goings-on in the neighborhood. Is everyone comfortable with that? What’s a good day/time? Place? That coffee shop up on 34th & McKinley???

If it’s easier we could do most or all of our block watch/phone tree updating by email. However, there are some of you who have not met yet and it would be good to put faces to names.

If you want to drop off or email me what you’ve got so far I can get the updated list ready before we meet. It’s great if we get emails, too, because we can send routine stuff that way.

Special thanks to Joanne and Theresa who helped out tons by calling people with no emails. It takes a lot of time to call all those people but they really came through.

For those of you who haven’t been to the Safe Streets Block Watch training you might want to go. (It’s totally different than the patrol training. Only one day for an hour or two.) It’s pretty much common sense but if you can glean even one thing from it, it would be time well-spent.

I was hoping someone would supply us with decals or signs to put in our windows that say block watch or neighborhood watch or whatever. We could make our own? What do you think? Anybody good at that sort of thing? That would be a good thing to pass out to the good guys….

What do you think about T-shirts….maybe neon orange??? With our logo so we look more official when we are out passing out flyers. Why should the patrol get all the cool stuff????

Eventually we hope to be so well organized that one or two people are going to call only the people on their block.

Submitted September 11, 2008 by Lena T.

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First Creek Neighbor / DF said...

Hi everyone,

I thought the turnout last night was good, too. Lots of good info. I think we'll just continue to grow.

Updating the list might be easiest to do via e-mail. Maybe once you have a final copy we can have a get-together to connect names with faces. I'm up for anything, though. Nights (after 7ish) usually work best for me or anytime on the weekend, but I can be flexible.

T-shirts are a great idea, so are the decals. I'm wondering where others get their signs from? I'm not good at designing, but once we have a design, we might run it by Ben...he's in Korea and can probably get us the t-shirts for quite a bit cheaper than we would be able to find here.

I've checked into the Safestreets website a few times. They are offering the Block Watch trainings every month. Haven't seen anything for their next patrol classes.

My last thought for the night....what about a website? With just some basic info, obviously no phone numbers. But we could explain what we're doing, what others can do, contact and meeting info, etc. Thoughts?

Good night everyone.


Submitted by Katja, posted by Dan